True Blood

True Blood
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This brew of a few different herbs is designed to provide the blood with a number of different of benefits. This brew was strepped not boiled to ensure maximum extraction of the properties from the herbs to the spring water. Meaning that this brew is very potent. This brew aides with specific properties of the blood but also have compound benefits that go outside of the blood. Such as, gut and colon enhancement. The direct benefits of this brew include, cleansing the blood, adding iron to the blood & increase blood circulation. Also, it’s aides in cleansing the liver, increases immune health, hair growth and strength, skin and nail enhancement, improves cognitive functions, & alertness. This brew also has cancer fighting properties. Be sure to only consume this brew at least an hour before or after consuming anything else.

-Nettle Leaf
-Hawthorn Berries
-dandelion Root
-Burdock Root
-Bladderwrack Powder
-Spring water